Steep Rock Gas Plant – Storm Water Pond

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The Steep Rock Gas Plant required a Storm Water Pond that would effectively contain site run off until the accumulated water could be environmentally tested and released.

An important and unusual requirement for this project was containment that was tough enough to withstand local wildlife travel. The coating also needed to be UV resistant and able to mold to the substrate so stress on the sizable liner was minimal.

After researching other products the Encana Engineering team selected RMC’s signature EF-1990 coating.  The decision was based on the toughness and durability of EF-1990. Other products would puncture with animal traffic, deteriorate with UV exposure or separate over time. RMC was also selected because of professional installations on previous projects.


The endless rainfall at the Steep Rock site became a challenge for RMC. The rainfall created significant site run off with large amounts of water accumulating in the pond.  The standard application pattern for a bowl of this size is to start spraying from one edge, continue through the bowl and finish at the other edge.  The amount of water collection in the pond did not allow this and an alternate approach was needed.  RMC pumped the water out of the bowl and started by spraying only the bottom or bowl area.  Once this portion was completed, the bowl contained the rain and run off waters while the crew could complete the edges of the pond.


The 66,000 sq ft Storm Water Pond was lined with EF-1990 in 16 days to the complete satisfaction of the client and within the project scheduled time.