Rocky Mountain Containment’s spray-on coatings are the best solution for cost-effective long lasting containment.



Rocky Mountain Containment utilizes specialized liquid polyurea and liquid polyurethane products and proprietary next generation products including RMC Poly-Flex FR to create protective coatings that are fire resistant, UV and chemical resistant and unrivaled in strength, durability and impact tolerance. These qualities prevent leakage into sensitive substrates, provides for the capture and containment of releases and spills and facilitates timely cleanups.

The solventless polyurea and polyurethane have excellent elastomeric qualities to conform to substrates and mold custom coatings in place. The elastomeric property allows the coating to shift with substrates and expand and contract with weather conditions without being compromised. Rocky Mountain Containment coatings are able to contain chemicals, most solvents, caustics and acids.

  • Our products are designed for application in temperatures as low as -25C.
  • These durable liners do not require top covers such as sand or gravel and facilitate simple clean up by using vacuum trucks and washing with pressure washers.
  • Standard application is 100 mils thick, however custom thicknesses can be created. Regardless of coating thickness our products cure quickly for efficient completion of projects and decreased downtime.
  • The injection process can be used to create high density coatings that will easily accommodate high volume vehicular traffic.

Rocky Mountain Containment’s spray-on polyurethane will outlast and outperform HDPE liners by not failing, fracturing or deteriorating under stress, weather conditions, traffic or caustics. Preventing leaks eliminates the down time to remove and remediate substrates and replace liners.