Rocky Mountain Containment utilizes specialized liquid polyurea and liquid polyurethane spray on coatings tailored for primary and secondary containment in oilfield, industrial and municipal applications.

These products are unrivalled in strength, durability, impact tolerance, chemical resistance, are fast curing and have superior elastomeric qualities. These qualities along with superior application is guaranteed to prevent leakage into sensitive substrates, provides for the capture and containment of releases and spills and facilitates timely cleanups.

Rocky Mountain Containment’s polyurea and liquid polyurethane spray on coatings are a perfect solution for today’s environmental protection. The solventless polyurea and polyurethane elastomers are engineered to conform to substrates and mold a custom coating in place. The elastomeric quality allows the coating to shift with the substrate and expand and contract with weather conditions without being compromised. The coating can be applied directly to substrates with superior containment results. Our standard coating is 100 mils thick, however custom thicknesses can be created. Fast curing allows for rapid completion of projects.

The benefit of spray-on applications over other products is that they adhere to the substrate, are durable enough to withstand physical or environmental stress factors and do not tear, creating an effective and reliable liner.

Mobile Spray Units:

Our totally self-contained mobile spray application units quickly mobilize throughout Western Canada to create a customized containment system that will meet your needs.

mobile spray application unit