Produced Water Pond

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This project required coating under, around and inside of a 10,0000 sq ft Produced Water Pond enclosure. For this unusual and interesting project EF-1990 was selected so the entire area could be completely enveloped.  RMC was able to provide both Primary and Secondary containment using the ET-1990 for the Secondary containment and the ET-2000 for the Primary containment.


Completely enveloping a multi faceted liner system in 3 concrete settling ponds was a challenge. Extensive consultation was required with the engineering team to finalize an optimum approach.  Following the initial excavation, RMC installed a 150ml liner on the substrate; then a layer of sand was added, followed by leak detection piping and another layer of sand.  The concrete slab and walls for the pond were then poured. Once completed, the initial liner was wrapped over the sand and attached back to the exterior walls creating 100% enveloped concrete holding cells.


The final step was coating the interior holding cell walls with ET-2000. This product is similar to the EF-1990 used on the exterior except that sand is impinged into the polyurethane to create an extremely durable coating. The final outcome of the ET-2000 is a product that has similar characteristics to concrete (hardness) but is also a very effective elastomeric containment system.

RMC’s extensive collaboration with the client created an innovative design and timely project scheduling that resulted in successful pond containment.