Municipal District of RockyView – Dalroy Sewage Transfer Station

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Sewage Station - Containment

This state of the art Sewage Transfer Station required a coating product capable of protecting the concrete from the corrosive atmosphere of Hydrogen Sulphide gas and liquid sewage products. EF-1988 was the perfect choice for this project as it is specifically formulated for use in sewage systems.  It provides superior containment as well as protects the concrete from the corrosive action of Hydrogen Sulphide gases.

The 8m cubed vault was poured and Hydro tested. To prepare the concrete for polyurethane coating, water was removed and the vault dried using large fans, heaters and dehumidification equipment. RMC sandblasted the walls, ceiling and floor to remove all latents and then applied a specially formulated primer.

Once the primer dried and set, the crew spray applied a 100 ml coating of EF-1988.  All vault interior walls, floor and ceiling were coated with a double layer of EF-1988 to ensure perfect coverage and protection.

The EF-1988 is a product specially designed for use in potable water or sewage system applications.  This vault being contained with EF-1988 is expected to have a very long life expectancy.