Calgary Zoo – Special Enclosure Stingray Pond

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The Calgary Zoo needed an environmentally friendly product that was compatible with heated salt sea water in a feature showcasing sea rays, turtles and sharks.  This was a fun and aesthetically beautiful project.  The Enviro friendly EF-1990 met all the environmental criteria and was able to accommodate the structure design including spraying around features such as manufactured rocks.

A 1500 sq ft. pond was constructed of plywood and built in sections to enable dismantling and moving at a later date. To enable the dismantling, RMC installed a special joint system that allows access to the bolting system while still maintaining a complete leak free containment.


One of the challenges on this project was to coordinate the installation of the liner system to the Stingray pool (base plywood) with the schedule of the neighbouring Baby Elephant and his mother. Clear instructions were given to NOT upset these interesting and temperamental elephants in their daily routines. Working cooperatively with the Staff at the Calgary Zoo, RMC quickly completed the spray in liner. This minimized disruption to the elephant routines and allowed the Baby elephant to continue enjoy playing outside with visiting children.