1. Meets and Exceeds Alberta D55

RMC’s superior product and professional application is recognized by the AER as an industry leader.

2. Cost Effective

These durable, chemically resistant, easily cleaned and repaired products provide up to 20 years of trouble free containment. This is the best long term and cost effective option compared to products that may fail or need to be replaced often.

3. Economical Spill Clean-Up & Easy Repair

Durable coatings facilitate simple clean up by washing with pressure washers and removing spilled materials with vacuum trucks. This saves considerable time and money when compared with alternate liners that may require sand (and substrate) removal and remediation as well as installation of a new liner. Most repairs can be done quickly and effectively utilizing a ”hand pour” method or RMC’s technologically advanced portable repair gun. Repair procedures for other projects can be extensive and unsatisfactory.

4. Excellent Corrosion, Abrasion, Chemical & UV Resistance

The superior durability will outlast and outperform HDPE and other polyurethane products by resisting all oils, most solvents, caustics and acids. Products are UV resistance and will not break down with exposure to sun and extreme environments

5. High Cohesive Strength

Products have superior elastomeric and cohesive strength properties that create a more durable coating. These coatings withstand temperature fluctuations, substrate movement and high traffic volumes. Ideal for high traffic areas – by injecting sand and creating a custom thickness with a one coat application.

6. Direct Application to Substrates

Only spray on products can be applied directly to substrates to coat, contain and protect. Alternative products are unable to adhere directly to substrates and may not guarantee containment.

7. Year Round Application – Cold Temperatures (-20c)

Has been formulated for application in low temperatures whereas HDPE liners may crack or break during installations in cold temperatures.

8. Efficient Application – 10,000 sq.ft. per day

State of the art equipment and quality products can outperform alternative coating methods.

9. Fast Curing Time – Reduces Impact to Project Timelines

Product sets in 15 seconds; dries in 20 minutes; completely cures in 24 hours. Faster set times improves project scheduling without compromising site and personnel safety.

10. Slip Resistant Coating

RMC can apply a slip resistant coating to enhance project safety and durability.

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