Ashland Chemicals – In-Ground Concrete Wall Tank Farm

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RMC assisted Ashland Chemical with finding an efficient and economical coating for their chemical tank farm.  The tank farm required a very tough product to withstand various chemical spills, heavy daily traffic and adverse weather (freeze/thaw) conditions. RMC’s product met all technical requirements for a chemical storage facility and the efficient one coat spray on system facilitated a tight construction schedule.

Prepared site, prior to containment

The tank farm was a 13,000 sq ft in-ground concrete walled area. The concrete containment area was poured in place and, once cured, RMC sand blasted the walls and floor to remove latents from the concrete. A standard spray of 100mls of EF-1990 Polyurethane coating was then applied to the walls, floors and to the concrete tank bases.

Within 1 hour of applying the coating, the surface was cured enough that workers could resume installing the tanks and piping for the project. Other products would not be able to accommodate such a unique site and/or accommodate the quick setting times needed in tight project schedules.

Finished site, after the spray-on coating was applied

Utilizing the EF-1990 coating guaranteed the client complete environmental protection for chemical storage and the fast setting time maximized site productivity and scheduling.