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Poly Spray Services

For over 15 years Rocky Mountain Containment has delivered excellent containment results for Oil & Gas, Industrial, Commercial and Municipal applications.

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Custom Polyspray ServicesClient Based SOLUTIONS and DESIGN

RMC provides custom polyspray services that include the supply and install of containment systems, polyspray solutions for concrete barriers and troughs, steel, wood and concrete walls, wash bays, concrete to wood and or steel seams as well as spray foam insulation applications.

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Protecting the EnvironmentDEDICATED to Solving Environmental Challenges

For over 15 years RMC has been successfully providing containment solutions at over 500 sites for more than 3,000,000 square feet, with excellent results and complete customer satisfaction.

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Collaboration & TeamworkINTEGRATING Innovative & Professional Ideas to Provide Supperior Results

Our experienced team is dedicated to creating innovative solutions and professional applications for even the most challenging environmental containment projects.

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Polyspray Containments

Spray on Coating

RMC specializes in the supply and install of complete containment systems including corrugated steel berms, sprayed geotextile interior creating an 80 mil monolithic chemical and fire resistant seal using our RMC PolyFlex FR polyurea spray. This product is UV resistant and provides durable finish that eliminates rodent chews, hail damage, punctures from falling ice or dropped tools. RMC also has a spray on repair solution for torn, hail damaged or rodent chewed LLDPE liners.

PolySpray Coatings

Spray on Coating

RMC has a variety of polyurea / polyurethane spray products that provide excellent chemical resistance and adherence properties for coverage on metal, concrete, geotextile and wood surfaces. Everything from shop walls, wash bays, floors, pilings, troughs, gravel truck boxes, vehicle undercoats, etc.

Polyspray Foams

Spray on Coating

RMC is certified under the CUFCA to spray certified spray foam insulation typically providing an R value of approx.. 6.0 per inch of sprayed product. Our specialty is with the odd and unusual so this might be applying foam insulation to RV and cargo trailers, sea cans, ag buildings / shops, under concrete slabs, pipeline pillows and even archery targets. For extra protection and endurance the spray foam can be coated with one of our polyurea liner / coating products to provide fire resistance, UV protection, puncture resistance and overall durability.

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